The Pinehurst Sanger Foundation was formed to fill a gap for individuals facing serious medical needs with inadequate personal resources to meet that need.  Our goal and purpose is to assist individuals from the general public with extraordinary medical expenses who are in a substantial and dire financial situation. We provide relief for the poor and distressed or the underprivileged by assisting in making available appropriate medical care to individuals with that financial need. The Sanger Foundation derives its name from John Sanger who was the inspiration behind the Sanger Foundation's creation in August 2008. As further explained in Our Beneficiaries, John suffered major medical events resulting in significant medical costs and continuing medical care requirements that have left him unable to work with major medical expenses not covered by insurance. The founder's saw the gap in order to provide a resource to make medical care available to similarly impacted individuals of the general public. To that end please contact the foundation if you would like to nominate someone of benefit consideration. Please click on the Our Beneficiaries link for more information about some of our current beneficiaries. The Foundation also make donations to other tax exempt entities that are created for charitable and educational purposes.

John Sanger (Left)  Rich Sanger (Right)
at our Inaugural Golf Tournament

Board of Directors

President - Craig Fowler
VP/Finance - Brad Colling
Member - Jeff Buckman
Member - Tim Owston
Member - Karen Valdez
Member - Jackie Ryan
Member - Dale Deleo

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